Stormy Met Éireann weather forecast for St Patrick's week

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly

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Jean Byrne presents Met Éireann weather forecast on RTÉ.

Met Éireann is forecasting stormy cold weather for the week that features St Patrick's Day and Cheltenham.

In her forecast after the RTÉ news meteorologist, Jean Byrne said the wintery weather would continue.

"Very unsettled in the week ahead - it's going to be wet and very windy at times. There is a risk of strong winds - very strong now and again especially on Tuesday night - and very cold," she said.

She said wet and windy weather would hit all parts on Monday and Tuesday would be very blustery with frequent heavy showers with hail and sleet.

"The winds, however, will be the main feature of Tuesday with very strong winds developing," she said.

Storm Gareth is set to hit Tuesday and Wednesday.

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The forecaster said there will be a brief rise in temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday before the cold weather returns for Friday and the weekend bringing more wintery weather.

St Patrick's Day on Sunday is set to be a bright cold day with sunny spells and scattered wintry showers. DETAILED MET ÉIREANN WEATHER BELOW TWEET

Issued at: 12 March 2019 12:02


Becoming extremely windy, especially in Ulster and Connacht, with very strong westerly winds extending to all parts and reaching gale force in the north and northwest, with severe and damaging gusts. With high seas, there is also a risk of coastal flooding along Atlantic coasts. There will be some bright or sunny spells, but occasional heavy showers of rain and hail also, with some sleet, mainly over high ground and a risk of thunder. Highest afternoon temperatures 5 to 8 Celsius.

Tonight will be very windy, with very strong west to northwest winds, up to gale force in the north and northwest, with further severe and damaging gusts for a time, but winds will ease a little towards morning. There will be further showers also, a few of hail, with a continuing risk of thunder for a time, mainly in northern counties, but showers will become more scattered later. Minimum temperatures 3 to 6 Celsius.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, will be mainly dry and bright at first, with just a few scattered showers. More persistent rain will extend from the Atlantic during the afternoon and evening, affecting mainly Connacht, Ulster and north Leinster, but any rain further south will be patchy. Windy at first, with strong west to northwest winds, gradually easing for a time. Maximum temperatures 8 to 10 Celsius.


HEADLINE: Very unsettled. Temperatures near normal. Windy at times.

Wednesday night will be windy with lengthy spells of rain. Southwest winds will be strong to gale force.

Thursday will continue mostly cloudy with further spells of rain. The rain will mainly affect the south and west, whereas good dry spells will prevail over Munster and Ulster. Strong southwest winds will ease.

A lot of Friday will remain dry, but southwest winds will have strengthened again and rain coming into the west will spread countrywide as the day goes on.

Then heavy and persistent rain will affect the southern half of the country during Friday night and on Saturday, while northern counties will be mainly dry. Saturday night will be dry in most areas but very cold with a widespread frost.

Sunday will be a bright cold day with sunny spells and scattered wintry showers - mainly in the northwest.