Met Éireann's weather forecast features clear sunny skies

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter

More sunshine and high temperatures on the way

More sunshine on the way

Met Éireanns latest tweets show clear sunny skies over Ireland with the weather forecaster predicting more of the same for the rest of the week.

The forecaster says Tuesday will be dry with sunny spells in most areas except for the north coast. It is not expected to get oppressively warm as the highest temperatures will generally be around17 to 22 degrees with light northerly or variable breezes. 

Thursday will be a dry day with hazy sunshine, but it will be somewhat cloudier over northern parts of Ulster. Top temperatures generally 16 to 19 degrees in Connacht and west Ulster, elsewhere temperature in the range of 20 to 23 degrees, but possible a degree warmer under any prolonged spells of sunshine in the southwest. West to northwest breezes mostly light to moderate in strength but fresher along the northwest coast.

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Thursday night will be dry in most areas. There'll be clear spells over the southern half of the country. It will be cloudier further north and some light rain or drizzle will develop in north Ulster overnight. Lowest temperatures of 8 to 11 degrees. 

On Friday, there'll be sunny spells for a time in Leinster and Munster. Connacht and Ulster will be cloudier with some patchy light rain or drizzle. Highest temperatures of 16 to 22 degrees with light westerly breezes, warmest in the southeast. On Friday night, the patchy drizzle will move southwards. 

Saturday will start off cloudy in Munster with some patchy drizzle, which will gradually clear. Brighter further north with sunny spells. Highest temperatures of 15 to 20 degrees with light northwest breezes. 

Sunday will be mainly dry with a fair amount of cloud and some sunny spells. There may be a little rain or drizzle in the west and northwest. Highest temperatures of 16 to 21 degrees with light breezes. 

The early days of next week will be warm and mainly dry with temperatures in the high teens and low 20s. There'll be a little rain or drizzle in the west and north at times.

The forecaster also tweeted that Europe had the highest temperatures on record for June.