Hail in Met Eireann new thunderstom weather warning

Ominous Met Eireann weather chart for Laois

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met éireann weather storm

Met Éireann weather chart

Met Eireann has issued the latest in a series of multiple thunderstorm weather  alerts and this time it warns that Lenster will be worst hit.

The Status Yellow thunder alert covers Leinster, Tipperary and Waterford

Met Éireann says thunderstorms with hail is expected again today mainly in parts of east Munster and Leinster giving severe downpours in places with some surface flooding.

It is vallid from 7am to 9am on Tuesday, June 16.

Meanwhile, the charts show intense rain on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Met Eireann says Tuesday will bring cloudier conditions to parts of the west and north. It says good sunshine in the east and south ( after early mist and fog lifts) will spark off thunderstorms in the afternoon with severe downpours in places. Afternoon highs of 15 to 17 degrees Celsius in western coastal counties, but up to 20 to 24 degrees Celsius in the east and south.

Met Eireann says the outlook for tomorrow Tuesday night, is for mainly dry weather for much of the country once again as showers become isolated across the south of the country, still heavy in nature. Lowest temperatures 10 to 13 degrees with light to moderate northerly winds.