Leinster Express Quotes of the week

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Eirgrid substation

Eirgrid substation

“It was very clear on our research, that for the size of the station, it was to be a hub for windfarms and other lines,”

Colm Fingleton,

RTS Substation Action Group


“I regard this as quite a serious offence. He was very happy to do the act in question and was going to defraud the State of €1,000... I can’t give him a clean slate. He’s 29 years old, he has to take responsibility for his actions.”

Judge Denis O’Loughlin, fining a man who falsified a motor tax form.

Dog fouling

“Dog fouling and cigarette related litter have let us down badly in many areas around the town, parks and green areas.

Derelict sites have also become a problem for the area.”

Cllr Kathleen O’Brien on Tidy Towns problems

health service cuts

“I couldn’t believe it, a hospital with no pillows, I might bring them in some now,”

Elderly patient Matt Dunne whose neighbour brought in her own pillows for his hospital bed