Leinster Express Quotes of the Week

Maternity Controversy

Maternity Controversy

“The midlands needs a good hospital. We are not calling for the hospital to be closed, we are calling for standards to be raised so it is safe.”

Kilcavan native Roisin Molloy


“Minsters don’t determine the choice of companies. Companies come with well considered needs when they are looking at investment. It is not Laois competing with other parts of Ireland it is Ireland competing with countries”.

Minister for Enterprise , Jobs and Innovation, Richard Bruton.


“If you had a 100ft crater in the road, would you send two wheelbarrows or two JCBs? They sent two wheelbarrows.”

A National Ambulance Service Representative AssociatioN spokesperson, on cars being sent to the scene of a traffic collision instead of an ambulance.


“It’s very hard going to work every day hoping everything will be okay and then you come home to this. We need some form of protection.”

A Kilmullen woman, whose home overlooks a dangerous stretch of road prone to accidents.