My Year - Katie Flanagan


My Year - Katie Flanagan

Katie Flanagan, the first Leaving Cert graduate who has Down Syndrome from Scoil Chriost Rí, Portlaoise.

.What was your personal highlight of 2017?

My debs ball

Did you achieve all you wanted to achieve in 2017?


What was your biggest disappointment/regret of 2017?

No regrets, love life

What was the greatest challenge you faced in 2017?

Doing my Leaving Cert

What was a standout moment for you in 2017 in the cultural sphere

The Electric Picnic in Stradbally

Who was the standout personality for you in 2017?

My parents for helping me reach this far in my life

What are your goals/ambitions for 2018?

To go to College

What is on your 'To Do' list in 2018?

To complete my first year well in National Learning Network

What is your biggest fear for 2018?

Not been able to do something in child care

Who would you like to see be successful in 2018?

My brother doing well in his Leaving Cert

What sporting event would you most like to attend in 2018?

The football All-Ireland final

What cultural event would you most like to attend in 2018?

Taylor Swift concert

Who would you say is 'One to Watch' in 2018?

Sean and Conor Price

What are your hopes for Laois in 2018?

More tourist attractions for people to visit our lovely county