Laois Rose 2018

Introducing Laois Rose 2018 entrant Leanne Dowling

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


Introducing Laois Rose 2018 entrant Leanne Dowling

Laois Rose 2018 entrant Leanne Dowling

The Leinster Express as exclusive Laois Rose media partner is delighted to introduce you to each and every Laois Rose 2018 entrant, ahead of the Laois Rose Selection night on Sunday May 6.

Every day we will profile two more of the contestants. Today give a big welcome onto our virtual stage for Leanne Dowling, a hairdresser and a mother of three small children.

Leanne aged 26 lives in a small village in Laois. 

"I love the quiet peaceful life it provides for my family," said.

"I trained as a hairdresser with Blanc Quigley academy and hair salon in Naas, while raising two of my three children. I have my ITEC Diploma and Blanc Quigley Diploma. I enjoy what this industry has to offer and strive for more," she says.

Her hobbies including cooking and listening to music.

"I also love running and fitness and all outdoor activities," Leanne says.

"I am extremely grateful to be be given this opportunity to take part in the Laois Rose and I would like thank my family, friends and sponsor, Streamline Enterprise, for all their good wishes and support," she said.

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Below: Leanne Dowling.