Guess how much it costs to run the Leaving and Junior Cert exams?

Express Reporter


Express Reporter

Guess how much it costs to run the Leaving and Junior Cert exams?

Guess how much it costs to run the Leaving and Junior Cert exams?

The overall cost of running the Leaving and Junior Cert in Ireland in 2017 has been revealed. 

Figures revealed by the State Examinations Commission (SEC) show the breakdown of the cost of State exams in Ireland. 

State examinations cost a huge €66.7 million in 2017 of which, €9.21 million was collected in fees. 

The main running costs associated with the exams are the fees paid to the superintendents, examiners, drafters and setters, and their associated travel and subsistence costs. 

The cost of printing, packing, and posting exam material is also 'significant' according to the SEC.

Fees paid to examiners, superintendents and contract personnel in 2017 came to €36.8 million. Staff salaries amounted to €10.4 million while travel and subsistence cost the state €9.1 million. 

For 2018, the SEC introduced an online facility to allow candidates to pay exam fees or submit an application for a Medical Card exemption electronically. 

Students who hold a full medical card or who are dependent of a Parent or Guardian who is the holder of a full medical card are exempt from examination fees. 

Other candidates paid a set fee depending on what exam they were doing. 

Leaving Cert and Leaving Cert Applied fee is €116, Junior Cert is €109 while Repeat Leaving Cert is €301.


In 2017, exams were provided to 120,197 candidates across all exam programmes in Ireland. 

In the same year, 13,322 appeals were processed for Leaving and Junior Cert. 

There was just over one million individual grades leading to the award of 120,197 examination results and 1.9 million individual test items. 

Approximately 4 million exam papers were produced made up of 4.7 million A4 pages. 

Some 5,215 superintendents at exam centres. 

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