Leinster Express Quotes of the Week

school crossings

school crossings

“The traffic wardens in situ at the minute, I would like to see them getting more supervision. They can add to the problems - I’ve seen them stop for two groups of 20 students, they should move them in one group.”

Cllr Matthew Keegan, during a discussion on traffic wardens.


“We pay road tax and property tax and we were told it would take a corpse to get any help. How would any of you feel if you were told that this is the only option to fix your road where you and your loved ones live? We want meaningful action before someone is killed”.

Paula Campbell, resident of Kilmullen on road dangers.

private business in public

“I’m sure people have overheard people’s private business. It reminds me of the old social welfare office.”

Cllr Caroline Dwane, calls for a private cubicle at County Hall’s recepiotn.

War memorial

“We do not set out to justify this or any other war. Nor, do we seek to glorify it,”

Ger Lynch, Mountmellick World War I Commemoration Committee chairman.