Musings on the State and its business

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

Is it true to say that those in charge of the purse strings have no business sense?

Is the taxpayers money as wisely spent as the proverbial Scotsman who is careful with his money would spend it, or is there a cavalier attitude to spending public money, like the proverbial wife of a multi millionaire?

First of all, it seems that those at the top have to be very very highly paid to give the illusion that they must be good at their job in order to be paid so much.

It does not necessarily follow.

Secondly, is the mindset and culture of the public bodies too tied up by a spider’s web of regulations and contracts (some of which should never have been signed) that they cannot carry out projects economically?

Thirdly, the little matter of taking responsibility, originally a reason for high pay.

To get round this, consultants are called in at hugh expense to safeguard the man who should have the ability and knowledge to make decisions himself.

For example, the water boards ought to have engineers who know how to purify water and lay pipes.

Fourthly, surely the taxpayers are entitled to transparency?

It follows then that they have a right to know exactly what every civil servant or public servant does in all the State bodies, in plain simple english.

A publication of this would give the taxpayers, with the time and experience, to make recommendations to their public representatives on how things could be done more efficiently, and with much savings

Adrian Cosby