Cemetery opening times

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

I write in relation to the article in last week’s paper about the Cemetery opening times.

Mr. Rice is totally correct.

It is very frustrating what is going on with the gates at the minute. I understand that the gates have to be locked at certain times but to not open them when they are supposed to be open is a total inconvience.

Our family plot is in the new part of the Cemetery which is a considerable distance away and, while I don’t mind walking up, my husband has problems as he has an artificial leg and, in this weather, the ground is way to slippey for him to walk up.

Also i would like to make the point that the gates being closed on a Saturday is totally unacceptable. Saturday is the day most people would cut grass and attend to the graves.

It is very difficult to bring a lawnmower, water, brushes etc up to the new part in your hands when the gates are locked. It’s just typical of Laois County Council not to respond to correspondence sent to them in relation to this problem.

As is everything with people in charge they bury their head because if it doesnt affect them well then they don’t care. My Mother passed away five months ago and when I go visit her grave and see that the gates are locked when they should be open it is very frustrating and upsetting.

Hopefully people will contact you and the Council about this problem.


Niamh Holden