Leinster Express Quotes of the Week

Thousands of prayERs

Thousands of prayERs

“I am totally convinced how we are fit to continue on with our lives since Michaela (died) is simply through the power of prayer that has been coming to us in so many ways in thousand of letters and cards, literally thousands”.

Mickey Harte, Tyrone Gaelic footballer manager at the Portlaoise Novena.


“This offence involved the theft from a young innocent person in a shopping centre. I just can’t allow that to go unpunished. The victim was a young, innocent teenager. This type of offence is far too prevalent.”

Judge Catherine Staines, sentencing a thief to prison.

Public service

“It’s been a real love affair with me, my time as a fireman, and it was just great to be able to help people.”

Gay Lalor, Ireland’s longest serving fireman, on his retirement after 47 years with Durrow Fire Brigade.

School growt

“You can’t solve the problem with prefabs though. There is a clear need for an extension here”.

Seamus Bennett, Principal, Coláiste Íosagáin, Port.