MEP wants Laois tourism campaign

Slieve Bloom Mountains
Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

I have written to Tourism Ireland to urge them to start a campaign to promote tourism in the midlands, particularly in Laois.

You can have the best access in the world, but if it isn’t screaming in people’s faces “You need to stop here!” then motorists and coaches will continue to drive on past further south.

What I’d like to see is the tourist authority tap into those who’d like to combine a countryside visit with a citytrip to Dublin, and secondly, encourage people who’d normally be rushing onto County Kerry or Cork through Laois, to take an extra day in Ireland to discover lovely Laois, and its Slieve Bloom mountains for example.

I have also written to the NRA about the possibility of providing a coordinated network of tourism information signs, especially on the M4 and the M7. In France and Belgium for example, there is huge imagination in the signage, the same could be replicated in County Laois.

Jim Higgins, MEP