Leinster Express quotes of the week



“We would like to see Portlaoise move up the table – it does much better in the Tidy Towns but the IBAL Anti-Litter league is a 365 day programme. With just two top ranking sites Portlaoise was very much towards the bottom of the ranking.”

IBAL judges on Portlaoise ranking 40th out of 42 towns in an anti-litter league.

knockmay park

“From day one there were problems here because of the level of unemployment. We couldn’t change that but we can educate the children, and by doing that, parents come on board.”

John Delaney, Knockmay Park committee chairman.


“Children as young as one are playing in the street. Which would we rather have: a few statues around the town, or our children safe? All the other estates in town have a green area, O’Moore Place is the oldest residential estate in Portlaoise, and yet we’re the last to get anything... there are too many chiefs in the council and not enough Indians.”

O’Moore Place residents association, on council plans to spend public funds on statues.