Leinster Express Quotes of the Week

Emma O'Sullivan from Durrow and son Ewan.
Organ Donation

Organ Donation

“I had my first transplant in 1988 and that lasted me eleven years. I was on dialysis then for eighteen months until I got my second transplant in 2001.”

Emma O’Sullivan from Durrow on how kidney transplants changed her life.

animal cruelty

“These are unpleasant matters, one of the most unpleasant and repulsive matters that may ever have come before the court.”

Solicitor Josephine Fitzpatrick, defending during an animal cruelty case.

tragedy in portlaoise

“If there were ramps there, our daughter would still be with us. Things have to change.”

Stephen Greene, dad of five year old Maria who was knocked down and killed in St Brigid’s Place on March 15.


“You can come in and talk to a council official who will know the area, the houses, the people themselves, but when it goes to Dublin they don’t know anything. Local democracy is being removed from local authority.”

Cllr Caroline, calling for local councils to retain power.