‘A time of disquiet for healthcare’

Dear Editor,

Dear Editor,

This is surely a time of disquietude for all those living in Ireland who cherish and support our Country’s two patient model of maternal healthcare. It’s now clear that the government have chosen to systematically disregard all the expect evidence presented which shows that there’s no basis for legislating in line with the evidently flawed X-case ruling.

The so called ‘Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill’ is a sinisterly deceptive misnomer designed to mask a piece of legislation which (in its current form), once enacted, will allow for the intentional killing of an unborn human life for the first time in this State’s history.

It will also surely see many more mothers and families deeply wounded by the act of despair, that is an abortion. Personally, I also find it distressing that the voice of the many women who, of their own volition, came forward to testify as to the suffering they’ve endured as a result of abortion, has largely gone unheard.

There are, however, many Oireachtas members who having considered the evidence, and honouring their duty as legislators, decided to stand up for best medical practice and declare their intention to vote against the upcoming abortion bill.

Some, like Senator Fidelma Healy Eames, are doing so despite the inequitable and severe party punishments they are likely to suffer.

That laws influence the shape and attitudes of societies is obvious to most and this is one of the reasons why the pending abortion bill is so dangerous!

Once we concede that it’s permissible to intentionally end an innocent human life (born or unborn) we’ve fundamentally undermined the foundations upon which all other rights and responsibilities are based.

It’s therefore not surprising, even if tragic, that in other countries where abortion is permitted the devaluing of human life has permeated into the popular consciousness and, as is so often the case, it’s the most vulnerable who suffer.

John Lupton Jnr.