A new Operation Transformation

Operation Transformation Series 7:  Dr Eddie Murphy,  Principal Clinical Pyschologist with the HSE Aoife Hearne - a registered dietician and a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute Dr. Ciara Kelly, GP and expert in family health  Karl Henry, fitness expert 8:30pm RT� One Tuesday January 7th and Wednesday January 8th 2014
Happy New Year.

Happy New Year.

As you can see I am back on Operation Transformation. It’s really exciting and what great leaders we have this year.

What I really like about Operation Transformation is that the programme is not about who loses the most weight or competition between the leaders. Indeed I think for many we can see that the leaders represent something about the lives of ordinary people in Ireland that many of us can relate to. Follow my facebook page at Dr Eddie Murphy Psychologist for some behind the scenes action.

Jennifer from Cork is a single mum who experienced a profound bereavement and is struggling as a working mum. Jennifer has significant heart risk factors her own mum died at 46years from a heart attack and with this genetic history, smoking and carrying weight around the middle Jennifer is seeking to make herself much healthier.

Paudie O’Mahony a Kerry GAA legend winner of five all Irelands is Operation Transformations oldest leader and represents the isolated rural man who may have turned to drink, despair and overeating the mask his loss of his glory days. Paudie has great wisdom, resilience and character and his honesty will be enlightening.

Siobhan from Dublin shows the challenges in managing home, children and work and using wine in the evening to zone out rather than zoning in on herself.

Marc from Clane, Kildare has tried all the diets and his weight has progressively climbed. His challenge is to learn moderation and pull back from extremes.

Deidre from Cork is in the super obese category. As a care worker she needs to learn that caring for herself in the first instance is the way you start to care for others.

Sarah from Clane in Kildare will struggle with a smoking addiction. More significantly Sarah lost her infant son and is trying her best to be there for her other two children.

If you wish to make changes then start with the end in mind. Picture yourself healthy, active, and flexible. Write down the pros and cons for changing your eating and/or exercise behaviour.

Make SMART changes – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time limited, for example this week I will lose two pounds or I will walk two miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week. After you make your goals then make a commitment to these goals.

Top Tips

1. Find a workout that you enjoy works for you.

2 Tell your goals to others. This builds accountable and helps create a support network of family and friends.

3 You cannot out-train a bad diet. There is no point undoing all your hard work and effort by making poor food choices. This is often my biggest failure as if I do a good session I think I deserve to eat more.

4 Don’t think diet, think health. 

5 Eat mindfully - If you want to eat less, chew slowly and put down your knife and fork between mouthfuls. 

6 Keeping a food / mood diary. This is a great way to review your food habits and emotional eating.

7 Make small changes. Nothing changes overnight, so take small steps and build momentum.

All the tools – exercise and food plans are free on www.rte.ie/OT and remember this year there is “No Health Without Mental Health”