Electric Picnic' s beloved 'Granny's Shed' robbed in Stradbally

Jeff Murphy


Jeff Murphy

'Granny's Shed' robbed in Stradbally

Electric Picnic's much loved ‘Granny’s House’ by Dublin based art collective The GlowDepot

A house in Stradbally has been robbed, although this was no ordinary robbery and the property is certainly no ordinary house. 

It is thought the robbery of the much loved ‘Granny’s House’ which is an art installation by Dublin based art collective The GlowDepot, that features prominently each year in the 'ArtLot' area of the Electric Picnic music festival in Stradbally, County Laois was taken sometime in the last three weeks.

The art installation was being stored on Supershot Paintball grounds based on Stradbally Hall estate. 

The owners of 'Granny's House' planned on picking up the vibrantly lit pink and yellow garden shed to carry out restorations ahead of the festival this September, but were presented with an empty container.

The owners were heartbroken yet baffled when they found the hefty container door screwed off its hinges and the absence of the beloved 'Granny's House'. It is thought the robbery was a team effort to haul the garden shed from its container and into a van or trailer.

However, the motive is unknown as the shed holds no monetary value, although the thieves are being offered an electric picnic ticket and the price of a brand new garden shed for its return, but perhaps the thieves could find it in their hearts to return the festive shed for no personal gain.

Alan Mulhall, who runs the Electric Picnic ‘ArtLot’ area which hosts 'Granny’s House' each year, told us:

“While it may not be as bad as robbing a real granny, the crew have put a huge amount of work into the piece and over the years it’s become a huge hit with festival patrons. It doesn’t really have a huge monetary value but we’d really love for it to be returned to us.”

The Owners urge the thieves to return the shed as soon as possible as the Electric Picnic is only around the corner running from 1st - 3rd of September and would love to see its beloved 'Granny's House' featured once again.