Flooding on Laois road is coming from overflowing lake not 'driest land in Ireland' says councillor

Michelle Hogan


Michelle Hogan

A site meeting with landowners is needed to determine what is causing flooding on the road at Killroy, Stradybally according to a Laois County Council Senior Engineer, John Ormond.

Mr Ormord was responding to a notice of motion tabled by Councilor Tom Mulhall at the recent Graguecullen/Portarlington Municipal District meeting.

The location will be inspected during a meeting with landowners.

Cllr Tom Mulhall said the flooding is coming from a lake.

“I don’t believe and they [the landowners] don’t believe the water is coming from their land.

“This flood is coming from an overflowing lake which flows onto the Killroy road, the farmers will be able to explain it to you, their land on top of the hill is the driest land in Ireland and they don’t need to take responsibility,” he said.

Senior Engineer, Mr John Ormond said a site meeting will eliminate the source of water flowing onto the public road.

“I will arrange for water cuts to be cleaned along this stretch of road. A road gully and associated road crossing may need to be installed if the ponding continues after works have been completed by landowners and water cuts opened,” he said.

Cllr Tom Mulhall said he welcomed the meeting with landowners and added that the appearance of the side of the road has become bad in the area.

“The side of the road is gone like a jungle down there, trees are hanging out half cut and there is no maintenance. From a tourism point of view we are hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons, it is lovely to see hedges properly trimmed, it is the worst possible scenario to see trees hanging,” he said.

Cllr Mulhall tabled a second motion asking Laois County Council to call on Coillte to cut over hanging trees at the Derries, Ballybrittas and also on the R419 at Coolaghey between Kennell's Cross and Kilbrde. 

Senior Engineer at Laois County Council said he has contacted Coillte and the forestry body said these works are currently being priced by a number of tree surgeons. An update is expected in the coming weeks.

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