PHOTOS: Warning about dangers of leaving appliances plugged in

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter


The hair straightener caused burn damage

This hair straightener caused burn damage

Firefighters have warned of the dangers of forgetting to plug out electrical appliances.

Dublin Fire Brigade shared photos of fire damage arising from such incidents. 

In one case, a hair straightener left on a window sill caused extensive burn damage. 

Dublin Fire Brigade said: "Get in to a habit of unplugging when you are finished with an item.

"Unplugging is easier to remember than switching off. Pull the plug when you're done. If in doubt, call for a registered electrician."

"Unplug chargers when your mobile phone, or whatever device you are charging, has reached 100%.

"Do not leave chargers plugged in overnight.

"Charge on a solid non-flammable surface. Never cover your device, allow the heat to dissipate.