Fire Safety Week warning about leaving ovens unattended

Leinster Express Reporter


Leinster Express Reporter


Fire Safety Week warning about leaving ovens unattended

The remains of a pizza involved in an oven fire

Firefighters have warned the public to never leave a cooker unattended.

This was what was left of a pizza after a cooker went on fire.

Dublin Fire Brigade said: "Avoid cooking under the influence of alcohol or medication that makes you drowsy." 

They added: "You shouldn't wear long flowing clothes or loose sleeves as they could catch fire, and mark out a child free zone."

Firefighters also warned of the dangers of leaving a chip pan/deep fat fryer unattended.

They said: "Never try to cook chips when you have taken alcohol as people tend to fall asleep when waiting for the oil/fat to heat up.

"This is a major cause of fires and deaths.

"Using a thermostatically controlled deep fat fryer or switching to oven chips can prevent most of these fires."

National Fire Safety Week 2020 is taking place this week from 5th to 12th October.

Fire Safety Week 2020 is focusing on fire safety in the home and encouraging all homes to have smoke alarms and to test them on a weekly basis.