WATCH: A heartwarming letter for Ireland from 106 year old Midlands woman

Justin Kelly


Justin Kelly


National radio song appeal for local woman's 107th birthday

Nancy Stewart is older than Ireland. Born three years before the 1916 Rising, the vibrant and beloved woman from Clonard in Meath has just about seen it all. 

With a war of independence, a civil war and two world wars under her belt, Covid-19 is just the latest global pandemic Nancy is taking in her stride.

She is now the oldest person still living at home in Ireland. 

Nancy has now written a letter to Ireland, giving us hope and inspiration to get through these hard times, even reading parts of it aloud herself. Warm your heart by watching this video made by Living and Laughing with Lou. 

To mark her 107th birthday, her family are making an appeal to every radio station in Ireland. 

They want all Irish stations to simultaneously play the same song for Nancy next Friday, October 16.

"I was thinking if the radio stations of Ireland might come together to play a song for Granny Nancy to coincide with her 107th birthday next Friday in an effort to lift the nation," granddaughter Louise Coughlan said.

"I was thinking something like what happened when Jack Charlton died, but in this instance, maybe we could unite to celebrate the life of one lady who is here with us today and who has made such a difference to the country when Covid is making it hard for us all to get through day to day.

"I was thinking maybe all the stations could play a happy birthday song for Nancy at the same time on October 16."

Louise is thinking maybe Frank Sinatra's Nancy with a Laughing Face would be appropriate given Nancy's always-positive demeanour. 

So, let's get #ASongForNancy trending to reach every radio station in Ireland.