Derelict warning in Kilminchy

Part of Kilminchy area of Portlaoise is in the process of being declared derelict a senior county council official has confirmed to Portlaoise councillors

“Kids are playing at these derelict sites and I hope no one gets injured,” said Cllr Alan Hand.

He raised the issue of derelict sites at Lake Vale, Kilminchy at a meeting of the Portlaoise Electoral Area committee.

Cllr Hand noted that dealing with derelict sites was a time consuming process as he called for an update on the situation.

“Many of these developers are playing for time and some have gone off the radar altogether. These sites are in my own backyard, near where I live and I will monitor things myself and I’d ask parents to be vigilant of where their children are playing.”

Senior Executive Planner Donal Kiely, in a written reply, outlined that the site in question had been inspected and a Section 8(2) Derelict Site Notice of Intention was being prepared and about to be issued to the owner.

The notice is similar to the warning letter used in planning enforcement cases.

Mr Kiely pointed out that the notices was a warning.

“It is basically a warning to the owner of the property that the Council is considering formally placing the site in question in the Derelict Sites Register.

“At the expiry of 28 days from issue of the Section 8(2) the site will be re-inspected to see if any improvement works have taken place in the interim.”