First steps taken in Port water scheme

Laois County Council has taken the first step towards Portarlington getting a new water supply.

Laois County Council has taken the first step towards Portarlington getting a new water supply.

Councillors gave the go-ahead to the council to draw up detailed plans for the Portarlington Water Supply Improvement Scheme at La Bergerie Water treatment Facility.

Kieran Kehoe gave councillors details on the nature and extent of the proposed development.

“The proposed scheme involves provision of borehole pumps and pipework, provision of pressure filters, associated air blowers, compressors and backwashing facilities, provision of chlorine and flouride storage and dosing equipment, provision of a forward feed pumping station, provision of control and monitoring equipment, provision of an on site laboratory and welfare facilities, and construction of a new building of a maximum height of .5 metres above existing ground level, to house the above facilities and equipment”.

Ancillary works including the construction of an access road and sitre fencing are also proposed. When completed the development will provide for a maximum sustained yield of 3,000 cubic metres of drinking water per day.

“This is another good day for Portarlington that officials are announcing this project. There is an increasing population in the region of 10,000 in Port. It is great to see improvements in water quality and water quantity. It is in an ideal location”, said Cllr Tim Mulhall.

He was seconded by Cllr Paul Mitchell.

“This is a massive day for Portarlington. It is great to see the water will be improved, and we need to keep improving. Well done to Laois County Council for all the work you have put in”.

Cllr Ray Cribbin also welcomed the news.

“I am very pleased with this, and in another aspect, very disappointed. I am disgusted and ashamed that water is going out of the hands of the council. The rates of houses will be nothing compared to what it will cost. It is good to see improvements, but by God we’ll pay for it”.

The county manager Peter Carey told councillors that there would be more details on Irish Water in early January.