Portarlington’s Dr Eddie Murphy reviews Operation Transformation leaders’ progress with two weeks to go to the finale.

Hard to imagine only 2 week left. Most leaders are in good shape and the finale and 5 k are only around the corner.

Hard to imagine only 2 week left. Most leaders are in good shape and the finale and 5 k are only around the corner.

Eilish  - Working through the pain

Eilish had a target of 2lbs. Last week she weighed 12.5.5 lbs. She now weighs 12.0.5. She amazingly lost 5lbs.  Unbelievable. Well done Eileen. She said she was cutting back on food to lose weight as she has injured her ankle. She now prepares the meals in work and brings them home.   The bottom line is she is not ‘picking and grazing’ in her café. She is creating a healthy environment which helps keep her goal sustainable. With the ankle injury there is concerns now that she might not be able do the 5k. She was asked to rest by Karl and the physiotherapist. However Eilish ended up in a school yard doing jumping jack in the school yard.   My bet is that she will make the 5k, Eilish is made of serious stuff!.

Louise - On a Roll.  

Louise is very nervous around weigh-in time, not surprising as she has missed her targets on a number of occasions. She has a personal trainer now in her dad. He is a great support and is out doing running sessions with Louise. She admits to working harder. This week she lost 2lbs. This is significant as her BMI was 36 and is now 30.5. just losing 3lbs moves her from the obese category to the overweight category. Louise is moving closer to her baby weight goal, all the experts are so pleased for her. Its such a big step, the lesson is slow and steady wins the race.  She has taken control of her health.  What a difference a couple of weeks makes. She is working hard and getting the results. With hard work comes the numbers.  

Alan - Growing in Confidence 

Another 4.5lbs for Alan. Week 6 and he is still doing it. He is working harder.  He is a great example for young men. He is emerging from a negative past. He had all these dreams and hopes dashed. He now has hope, he is daring to dream. He is gaining everything focus, determination, ambition, self confidence, and looking towards the future.

He believes in himself.  It’s amazing he has also kicked a 40 a day cigarettes. He says he is confident that he will continue his health journey.   He has matured. He has come on so far in such a short time. The biggest changes are within him. Before he wanted stay in bed and pull up the duvet.

Veronica  - Italian Allure

Veronica exceeded her  target of 2lbs and lost 3.5lbs. Veronica is another great role model. She went to her local school and spoke out against bullying and taunting. Her confidence is growing. In Italian culture food is a sign of love, now Veronica’s family can show this love by cooking healthily and avoiding high fat & high sugar dishes. All going well she will have lost over 2 stone in 8 weeks.

Mark - The Machine

Mark last week weighed 20 stone 2.5lbs . His target was to lose 3lbs. He lost 3.5lbs. Today he weiged 19stone 13lbs. This is the first time in 20 years that he has gone into his ‘teens’. This means a lot for his family and his health. This is all about hard work, good habits, food planning.

He has almost lost the equivalent of 28lbs of butter. Marks is an inspirational leader to his family and is community. His cholesterol has come from 7.6 to 4.8 and with his weight reduction and he has changed his odds of a heart attack or stroke.

The big message this week is ‘You got to work hard to get the results.’  

Operation Transformation is a program for life not for 8 weeks.