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CEmetery mass

CEmetery mass

“There will be a drop off point outside the main gates. Hopefully this will ensure that the Emergency Services will have full access to the Cemetery and also help to prevent unwanted items getting into the area in car boots,”

Organisers of the St Mary’s cemetery mass , Carlow

underage drinking sessions

“This needs to be addressed by the family. The mammy and daddy don’t thank the guards for bringing home their son or daughter. We need people to tell us who is buying them drink. We want everybody to come on board, and say to themselves, ‘where’s my young fella tonight?’,”

Inspector Aidan Farrelly speaking at the Mountmellick joint policing committee meeting


“You may think taking cannabis or ecstasy is fun, but it’s a criminal offence... You’re lucky you have your health, many people are born unwell, but you’re voluntarily taking a drug that can affect your health.”

Judge Catherine Staines, addressing defendants at the district court from last year’s Electric Picnic.