Legal threat on estate dump

The Kilminchy Management Company have been told to remove piles of household waste dumped in the middle of the estate, or face court.

The Kilminchy Management Company have been told to remove piles of household waste dumped in the middle of the estate, or face court.

Laois County Council’s environment section has given the company until February 18 to clear their site in Lake Way, a partly walled off area on a green, where household rubbish is being repeatedly dumped. However, to date only one person has been identified and prosecuted.

Ann Marie Carroll from the environment section explained the process they have to follow.

“Warning letters were issued, and we have had discussions with the company to move the waste. If that is not done by February 18, a file will be prepared and sent to a solicitor within a week to get a court date. After that it will be the court’s decision,” she said.

She says the council are doing everything they can to resolve the problem, and called on residents to help them.

“When somebody makes a complaint, we investigate, we are doing everything we can, this is the procedure we have to follow. Ultimately this is their community, and they have to look after it. At one stage we made an agreement to assist the company in a clean-up, and we would take the waste to the landfill. They failed to do so,” she said.

Ms Carroll said much of the rubbish had been burnt in a fire last October, but had piled up again.

“We have no idea who is doing it. Our litter warden went through it but couldn’t find any addresses. If anybody sees anybody, please report it to us. We haven’t received any other complaints,” she said.

The only resident the council say has complained is John Cowhig, who has also complained to the Environmental Protection Agency about Laois County Council’s lack of action.

He is a member of the House Owners Committee, who are unhappy with how the vast estate of over 700 homes is managed by Kilminchy Management Company. KMC is run by two directors who collect yearly fees of €200 per house for grasscutting and maintenance but have not held an AGM since 2011,

The House Owners Committee plan to soon hold an EGM and elect replacement directors and a committee to oversee maintenance. Last Sunday January 27, they led residents in a clean-up of Kilminchy, filling 25 bags with rubbish.

Mr Cowhig thanked everybody who came out to help, particularly as the weather was very bad.

“This site remains festering with waste bags right in the middle of our otherwise now clean estate. This illegal dump has been there since at least 2011 with LCC knowing all about it. It is not hidden from view down a countryside lane-way but instead open and in full view in the middle of the biggest housing estate in Laois. To suggest that LCC are dealing with this problem and the environmental complaints that have been made in an appropriate manner is quite frankly laughable,” he said.