More funding needed for Borris Roads - Phelan

Funding for road works was high on the agenda at the recent meeting of the Borris in Ossory area.

Funding for road works was high on the agenda at the recent meeting of the Borris in Ossory area.

Cllr Brendan Phelan called for more funding for the Borris in Ossory area roads, and was supported by Cllr John King who said that there are “major, major problems” with the roads network.

“People have to see results, and if the roads are better they might pay their household charge,” he said.

Cllr Phelan added that “the local authorities were led to believe that a major portion of the household charge would go back to the councils. None of that money has come back in the budget”.

The councillors were told by senior executive engineer Brenda Cuddy that a discussion on the household charge was not suitable for an area meeting, but that they would be supported in looking for extra funding.

“Any funding you seek, we will support it and show that it is needed,” she told councillors.

The meeting also heard that funding had been secured for Mount Oliver Road in the area and it will be repaired.

Cllr John King asked for the repairs to be completed on the road, as well as at the bridge at Clarney Hall, which he said needed repair following an accident.

“A good bit of stone has been removed from the bridge there,” he said. He also asked for the bridges Grogan at Kilcoke to be repaired.

He was told by Ms Cuddy that funding has been secured for Mount Oliver as part of the 2014 improvement system, but there is no funding available at present for Kilcoke or Grogan.

It was also revealed that roads in Camross may be added to this year’s road strengthening programme.

The council was asked by Cllr Michael Lalor to reconstruct and resurface the road from Camross bridge at the village to Derry Road, as well as replacing white lines and stop signs at the junction.

He was told by MS Cuddy that the 2014 roads strengthening programme will be presented in the coming weeks.