Bog jumping in Achill for Knockbeg TYs

Last week 32 Transition Year students went to Achill Island with Mr O’Sullivan and Ms Ni Chronin.

Last week 32 Transition Year students went to Achill Island with Mr O’Sullivan and Ms Ni Chronin.

The build-up for this trip was intensifying over the bank holiday weekend before we left, with every second person asking “Who’s going Achill?”

It was a wet and windy Tuesday morning as we waited for the bus to arrive, but spirits were still high and the excitement levels were going through the roof.

Even 6 hours later when we finally arrived at the hostel everyone was still buzzing.

We started off the trip with something that was new to everyone – bog jumping , it was great craic with a few of the lads jumping in with nothing but their boxers but the highlight was definitely big Jim Nolan falling head first in to the mucky brown bog.

On the second day we were split into two groups for separate activities.

I was in the group that went coasteering. It was very nerve wrecking but it gave a massive adrenaline rush jumping off of 25 foot cliffs and into the sea. A few of the lads took a bit of encouragement to jump but most people did it in the end.

Later we did a bit of surfing and that was great banter. It was a good day for it with a lot of wind which meant plenty of waves. We also did some archery back at the hostel while waiting for the champions league to kick off.

After an energetic day one, the next day offered less strenuous activities, starting off with canoeing in the morning. This was very relaxing and fun but at the same time we had to be wary of John Byrne who was always trying to capsize the boat. Jim Nolan and I ended up stranded in the middle of the lake for a bit as two of the others went off in our four man boat.

We had a taste of mountain boarding later on that day and it was good considering no one had done it before.

Days were very entertaining, but the evenings were even better.

The first two nights we spent watching the champions league ties which was unreal as there was a great buzz around the place.

The last night was even better as we all had a massive game of soccer followed by a big gathering of people to listen to some music.