A brief return to secondary school

Dr Eddie Murphy delves further into Leaving Cert study techniques
Last week I went back to school, at least for a few hours.

Last week I went back to school, at least for a few hours.

At my motivational and study skills seminar, I was amazed at the level of enthusiasm and optimism shown by the Leaving Cert students from 5th and 6th Year.

As I was going through the talk and afterwards reflecting with the students on the seminar I had given, I was really struck by particular thoughts.

What is equally important that these same thoughts are relevant regardless of the change journey you want to make.

People need a reason

Before you ask someone to commit to study (or change something) two or three hours after doing a full day in school they need to be supported to see a bigger picture.

Questions need to be answered. Why am I doing this? Is it for me or my parents?

Getting students to think of their efforts in terms of Big Hairy Audacious Goals where they can achieve their dreams of independence and liberation. Stirring up that internal motivation is essential.

Stick versus carrot

It’s best to appeal to that youthful sense of optimism rather than the stick of fear. I find that this approach is more helpful in the long run and does not harm relationships.

When involved in Operation transformation I firmly believe in the carrot rather than the stick. In adults our ‘internal critical voice’ is well versed at putting us down and telling us we are going to fail. Ditch the internal critic for a supportive, nurturing and coaching voice.

Study Style

Students did not know their study style. Sometimes you can take things for granted. I went through some learning styles with the students.

What was amazing that over 60% of learners were unfamiliar with their own learning style – were they visual, aural, or read/write or tactile.

Knowing your style allows you to study more effectively. It is easier to build change on your strengths so get to know your strengths.

my study Solutions

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Memory tricks

Finally in the practical talk I was amazed about how much effort students put in terms of hours studying yet have poor knowledge of powerful memory tools. With the use of simple yet powerful memory tools such as mnemonics and visual mapping - information can be recalled much more easily and used to improve performance.

Indeed this will bring significant benefits to results in exam situations.

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Thanks to all who turned out for Transformation – becoming your real self seminar in Mountmellick Community Arts Centre last Wednesday night, and in Emo for the Laois Connects walk on Saturday, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing.