Two hidden in the boot of Ford Focus

Question: How do you fit seven people into a Ford Focus?

Question: How do you fit seven people into a Ford Focus?

Answer: two in the front, three in the back, and two hidden in the boot.

It may have sounded like a joke, but it was no laughing matter for an Edenderry woman who was last week convicted of driving without reasonable consideration by having seven people in her car.

Amy Louise Wallace, Clongarret, Clonbullogue, Edenderry, committed the offence at the Link Road, Portarlington, on February 2 this year.

Garda evidence gave it that she was stopped at 1.40am for having her car overcrowded.

There was a front seat passenger, the driver, three passengers in the back, and two men concealed in the boot.

This made a total of seven people in her Ford Focus.

“How was her driving?” asked Judge Catherine Staines.

“It was reasonable apart from that,” replied the prosecuting garda.

Judge Staines asked the defendant why did she have seven people in the car.

Wallace replied that she had been collecting people from the pub.

Judge Staines then asked the garda had Wallace herself been drinking, to which the garda replied she hadn’t.

“So she was the designated driver,” observed Judge Staines, giving Wallace the benefit of the probation act.