Portarlington’s Dr Eddie on the progress of his Operation Transformation leaders

Operation Transformation Series 8 Airing January and February 2015 Karl Henry and Dr Eddie Murphy
The transformation is happening for our five leaders, both in their minds and bodies.

The transformation is happening for our five leaders, both in their minds and bodies.


Alan’s weight is moving in the right direction. When I first met Alan in November he was 21 years and 27 stone.  he is now 25 stone 9 lbs .  For Alan his transformation is about learning many life skills - washing, cooking, shopping.  His mother is killing him with kindness, from a place of love. He is not a child he is a man. Now are you an Irish Mammy? —How many skills has your adult son and daughter? Are they pulling their weight in the home? Are they taking you for granted? Have you deskilled them or given them the opportunities to gain skills.  

Alan this week has demonstrated he has to grow into the role as leader, he needs to start with himself. Alan is realising that settling for mediocrity is not an option anymore.  


Veronica from Cork is a worrier. Eech time she get to the weight-in she frets. For Week 3 it was for good reason. She weight is 16st.2lb.  Her target to lose was 4lb, she lost 1.5lbs and missed her target. To be fair she lost 11lbs last week. Week one was a honeymoon. She is very negative towards exercises, her effort in her exercise program is questionable and her attitude needs to become a positive one. She needs to focus on the set targets and goals. Weight loss is not easy, eyeballing portion sizes versus weighing portions is the way to go. She needs to up her motivation for next week, needs to dig deep and working harder. Everybody has setbacks and its how we move forward that counts. Veronica will overcome.  


Eilish lost 4.5 lbs. This is remarkable as she is the lightest leader. She has a fear of the 5k run and it is looming.. Transformation is about embracing change. Eilish runs a cafe. She has been challenged by Aoife the OT dietician who says “if the food is not good enough for Eilish then its not good enough for her customers”.  Fair play, she has put healthy options on the menu and Eilish is surprised to see that they are selling, particularly children’s options. Embrace change.


Mark from Louth has hit his target. Another great number on the scales. He is working hard and its arguable that he is competitive. He went out with a running group however yet last week he was concerned by tight hamstrings. An injury could be likely! Moderation is the key. He has gone off the play in week two. Operation transformation is not a competition. Sustainability is the key so balance and moderation is the way to go. Mark needs to integrate a healthy lifestyle not rushing to get there --- the slower we go the faster we get there moderation is the biggest lesson for Mark.


Louise weighed 13s 7lb, her target was 4lb, she lost 3 lbs. She didn’t hit her target. She was very disappointed. She wants a baby and has Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She has struggled with weight loss and weight loss is essential for her dreams to have a family as it promotes her fertility. She too needs to work harder.  

The program is now in the middle section, the hardest section where the incredible highs of the first few weeks are replaced with the intensity of a new lifestyle and filming and media pressures.

Overall three of the leaders hit  their target and two did not. This is the business end of the show. The fire brigade challenges are pushing the leaders and showing them that they can push their horizons.       Tough times in the weigh-in room!