Councillor ‘horrified’ by illegal dumping disgrace

Rotting flesh may be in rubbish being dumped along the new Rathdowney Borris-in-Ossory road a county councillor has claimed.

Rotting flesh may be in rubbish being dumped along the new Rathdowney Borris-in-Ossory road a county councillor has claimed.

“A lot of illegal dumping has occurred on the Rathdowney/Borris-in-Ossory bypass road and judging by the smell, there must be food or flesh in it. You’d be horrified if you saw what is dumped there,” remarked Cllr Brendan Phelan during a discussion on illegal dumping at the Borris-in-Ossory electoral area meeting in Clough Community Hall.

Cllr John King’s motion proposing Council protection for farmers and landowners by addressing the problem of trespassers carrying out illegal dumping on their lands was unanimously passed.

He highlighted the predicament of a farmer at Grange, Borris-in-Ossory who had to tackle this problem himself.

“It is unfair that a farmer might be fined due to material being dumped on his land when he isn’t even aware of it. It is obviously being done at night time. And then there is the cost issue of tidying up,” said Cllr King.

Cllr Brendan Phelan said there was ‘everything in the rubbish’ and that he reported it to the Environment Section of Laois County Council where he was informed a private contractor would be hired to complete a tidy up.

“That was a month ago and nothing has happened and material is leaking into the River Nore. It is a disgrace,” added Cllr Phelan who said seven or eight neighbours have got together since to clean up the rubbish and gather it up.

Cllr King said the debris included a burned out caravan.

Cllr Marty Phelan agreed that illegal dumping is a serious problem.

“There should be gates on lay bys and service roads (known as accommodation tracks). These people drink plenty of beer and whiskey, light a fire and have a bar-be-que and leave the ditches full of rubbish,” he said.

Senior Executive Engineer Michael Malone explained that he will speak to Adrian King, Project Engineer Construction M7 M8 regarding the ‘accommodation tracks’ and the completion of a snag list.

Meanwhile, Cllr Brendan Phelan also tabled a motion asking the Council to address illegal dumping and parking and to erect ‘no parking signs’ on the by pass road. And he was told by Mr Malone that the matter has been referred to Mr King and to-date there has been no response.

Cllr Phelan said you’d be horrified if you saw what is dumped there. “Horses were put in and it is full of dirt.”

Mr Malone said they have communicated clearly the Council’s concerns and the snag list has been repeatedly highlighted. Mounds, boulders and stakes have been mentioned as possible deterrents against illegal parking and Mr Malone outlined that they can’t reach on maintaining the excess land due to cost factors and there are plans to sell it back to landowners.

Cllr Phelan suggested that the landowners should be contacted with a view to moving out their perimeter fences, enter into a long term lease and the landowner can look after the excess land.