Leinster Express Times Past February 1, 2003

February 1, 2003

February 1, 2003

Without piped water. Without toilets. Such houses still existed in Laois, Cllr John Moran told the County Council monthly meeting on Monday.

Cllr Jerry Lodge: “We need to know how many houses have no water or toilet facilities.”

Cllr Charles Flanagan: “There should be no house in the county that does not have water or a toilet. I would like to see an audit done to see how many houses fit into this category, and maybe work out a three or five year plan to deal with the problem.”

Councillors unanimously approved a draft policy document on the Disabled Persons’ Grant Scheme and the Essential Repairs Grant Scheme.

Housing Officer Niall Morrissey forecast that the demand for grants would far outweigh the budget.

Halting the floods

Work on the long-awaited million euro project that is designed to eliminate flooding in the Knockmay/Harpur’s Lane area of Portlaoise is expected to begin within a week. It is scheduled to be completed in nine months.

The contract for the project--a forerunner to the 42m euro Portlaoise Main Drainage Scheme--was signed in County Hall on Monday.

Acting Co Manager Louis Brennan noted that thre Knockmay/Harpur’s Lane floods were an issue that had “generated an awful lot of heat.”

He described the contract signing as a “milestone.”

Laois Mayor Joe Digan noted that the project “has been needed for quite a long time.” It would, he believed, be a massive boost for Portlaoise, for housing and the Count Council.

Mr Brennan said “well done” to the Council’s water services section headed by Sean Mullins and Rebecca Gillispie.