Leinster Express quotes of the week

Adela Meally
Commercial rates

Commercial rates

“There is a feeling am0ng small businesses on Main St where rents have reduced but rates are fixed and substantial”

Conal Bradley,

Laois Chamber, President


“We’ve put every penny we owned into our home, we wanted to grow old here, and that’s gone, everything we’ve ever worked for is gone.”

Mrs Avril Twiss, resident of Ironmills where a large wind farm is proposed.

Portlaoise Hospitality

“I was twinned with this pub during Regionals and we spent a lot of time here.

They came to support me in Portlaoise and they also travelled down to Tralee last week.”

Molly Molloy Gambel on the support she received from the owners of Sally Garden’s.

Electric Picnic

“It will be pretty cool performing on the Salty Dog - it is a deadly stage”

Adela Meally of Adela and the Meanits who will be playing this year’s Electric Pincic music festival this weekend. The group will be playing the Salty Dog at 9.25pm on Friday.