Compensate for the trouble

Pay full compensation of €70, plus an extra €50 for the trouble you’ve caused.

Pay full compensation of €70, plus an extra €50 for the trouble you’ve caused.

That was the ruling made last week by Judge Catherine Staines, in the case of a Portlaoise man convicted of driving off from a filling station without paying for petrol.

Before the recent sitting of Portlaoise District Court was Scott Doyle, with an address at 27 Rossvale Court, Portlaoise.

He was charged with making off without payment from Topaz, Cork Road, Abbeyleix, on September 29 this year.

Inspector Aidan Farrelly gave evidence that Doyle drove to the filling station, took around €67 of diesel and then drove off without paying.

The vehicle he was driving was registered to his mother, and when gardaí called to the house it was confirmed that Doyle had been driving on the day.

Doyle had six previous convictions, including an assault for which he was given community service.

“What do you have to say?” Judge Catherine Staines asked him.

Doyle had nothing to say.

The judge asked did he have €150 to hand in.

“I have €70 in the bank,” replied Doyle.

“Only €70? That’s convenient,” remarked the judge.

“I have the money for the diesel here,” said Doyle.

Judge Staines told him to hand over the €70, and told him: “Go and get €50 compensation for the garage, for all the trouble you caused them.”

The matter was put back to second calling.

When the case was recalled, Doyle handed in the €50 to the court. The judge directed that this be paid to the Topaz garage in Abbeyleix.

Judge Staines then convicted Doyle of the offence, and fined him €100.