Copper theives dump evidence in Port

A Portarlington beauty spot has been targetted by illegal dumping in recent weeks.

A Portarlington beauty spot has been targetted by illegal dumping in recent weeks.

A vast quantity of PVC casings for copper wire was found dumped in Corrig, much to the disappointment of the local TIDY Towns Comittee, Dirty Old Towns, local residents and businesses.

Chairperson of the local Lions Club, Willie Murphy expressed his disguist at the dumping.

“The picturesque beauty spot and jewel of Corrig, Portarlington has recently been the target of dumpers. The beautiful hill with its vast array of different trees overlooking Portarlington Town which has the Carrick Tower dating back to the 1700’s has not been spared from these mindless selfish littering menaces,” Willie Murphy said.

“Despite the hard work of the Tidy Towns Committee, Dirty Old Towns and local residents and businesses have put into the town these senseless people dumping their unwanted rubbish such as household waste and carpet continues.”

Mr Murphy said a vast quantity of the outer casings of PVC were dumped recently.

“The dumping has been going on for some time but it’s getting worse week by week. The copper has been taken out and they are disposing of the outer casings. There is also a carpet fitter dumping the remnents and clippings of carpets up there.”

Mr Murphy said the residents of the area, who work tirelessly to maintain it are disguisted by what is happening.

“It’s such a wonderful area and it has been so well preserved. The Tidy Towns and local residents have been working together to clean up the old stone walls. They got rid of the rubbish behind the walls and maintain the grass in the woods too.

“But these people are not in the same frame of mind as the rest of us,” Wille said.

The residents believe the dumping is happening in the middle of the night, and they are constantly on the lookout for the offernders in order to report them to the authorities.

“These people must also know that the dumping is also being investigated by the relevant authorities. Anyone found dumping will be prosecuted as there are on-going patrols established to deal with this activity.”