PENALTY POINTS: Men well ahead of women in Laois chart - 11,800 offences in Laois

Speeding and mobile phone use top the penalty point chart

Conor Ganly


Conor Ganly


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Gardai on duty at traffic checkpoint.

There were more than 11,800 penalty point offences in Laois last year with while more than 3,361 penalty point endorsements were issued to drivers in Laois.

Central Statistics Office Transport Ombnibus 2016 figures reveal that 11,794 offence in Laois in 2016 up 3% on the previous year.

As for endorsements, 3,361 were issued to Laois drivers - 2,112 to men, 1,249 to women. Speeding was the main reason for penalty point endorsements followed by mobile phone use.

Nationally, during 2016, a total of 198,844 penalty point endorsement notices were issued, a decrease of 20.3% on the previous year.

  • Seven out of every ten (71.9%) of the penalty point endorsement notices issued in 2016 were for speeding. 
  • Males incurred more penalty point endorsement notices than females in 2016. Of the 167,843 endorsement notices where gender was recorded, males incurred 105,382 (62.8%) penalty point endorsement notices while females incurred 62,461 (37.2%) notices.
  • In 2016, women were more likely to incur more penalty point endorsement notices for speeding than men (79.1% vs 69.0%) whereas men were more likely to incur more notices for holding a mobile phone while driving than women (13.2% vs 10.1%).

See below penalty point details in charts for Laois other counties and nationally: