Ice: A new Met Eireann weather warning has been issued

Lynda Kiernan


Lynda Kiernan


Ice: A new Met Eireann weather warning has been issued

Further Met Eireann weather warning

While snow and ice still covers sheltered parts of much of Ireland today, the country is set to plunge in temperature again from tonight.

Met Eireann has issued a new Low Temperature Warning for Ireland, that comes into effect at 8pm. 

Air temperatures overnight will range from zero to -4 degrees Celsius. It is not as cold as last night's -7 degrees but still requires precautions.

The warning will remain in place until Tuesday December 12 at 10am.

Safety tips for driving in snow and ice.

On foot of the warning, the Road Safety Authority is urging the public to drive "delicately".

"If you encounter icy roads, remember to slow down, avoid heavy braking and use all controls very delicately. Please also beware of black ice. What appears to be a wet patch on the road may be black ice. Black Ice is a glossy surface & can cause a vehicle to skid. Avoid getting into a skid by slowing down.

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