Road closures around Portlaoise announced for Heartlands Rally in Laois

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Heartlands Rally.

Road closures around Portlaoise announced for Heartlands Rally in Laois

Laois County Council has advised the public of road closures near Portlaoise to facilitate of the Heartlands Car Rally.

The council says roads will be temporarily closed in the vicinity of Raheen and Deerpark between 09.00a.m and 19.00 p.m. on 10th June, 2018.

The closure is necessary to facilitate the Heartlands Rally for Laois Rally Sports Club. The following is a list of roads which are to be closed:-

Stage 1

L-6695-21, L-6695-0, L-2694-0, L26801-22, L-26801-0, L-2680-0, L-5677-19, L5677-11, L-5678-0, L-6691-9, L-6693-0, L-5675-0, L-5674-0

Stage 2

L-6114-0, L2110-29, L-2110-0, R-423-129, L-21101-0, L-21008-0, L-60982-0, L-6020-0, L-6019-0, L-2018-68

Also Main Street, Portlaoise will be closed to vehicles from 18:00pm to 21:00pm on Saturday 9th June 2018 from the Courthouse to junction with Church Avenue. There will be no access onto Main Street from any vehicular lanes.

The Laois Rally Sports Club will be erecting the appropriate signage and arranging manned points to divert traffic to the alternative route.

Local access will be provided in emergencies. A map indicating the routes to be closed and the alternative routes will be available for inspection at Participants of the rally will not be permitted to view the maps.

Any person wishing to object to the proposed road closure should do so in writing to the Administrative Officer, Roads Section, Laois County Council, not later than 4.00 pm on Tuesday 6th June 2018.