Electric trade up for diesel cars


Electric trade up for diesel cars
By Express Reporter news@leinsterexpress.ie@laoisnews

Thousands of diesel engine cars in Laois and other parts of Ireland could be entitled to a trade-in bonus according to vehicle history and data expert Cartell.ie.

The service reports on the numbers of Diesel Euro 4 (EU4) emission standard vehicles and below in the Irish fleet that could be entitled to a trade-in bonus.

With reports in the media that some vehicle manufacturers are set to introduce diesel scrappage schemes to incentivise the roll-out of electric mobility and low emission vehicles, Cartell found the total number of private diesel cars in the Irish fleet EUR 4 (EU4) or below (which would be eligible for such schemes) is currently 474,624.

Jeff Aherne, Director Engineer, Cartell.ie says: “Vehicle manufacturers such as BMW are clearly making moves to take older diesel-powered-vehicles off the road. We feel the market has reached tipping point now and the consumer is ready to adopt low emission vehicles if the incentives are there.

“The numbers we are publishing today show the manufacturers can make considerable inroads by focusing simply on EU4 emission standard vehicles and below where there are almost half a million vehicles in play.”

Example of Diesel Scrappage Scheme