Bang up to date Skoda Octavia - review


Hugh Maguire


Hugh Maguire


Sleek new Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia

As we approach the new 181 registration time there may be some of you who are considering buying a new car.

We are all familiar with Skoda by now. Skoda as many know is part of the Volkswagen/Audi Group, as is Seat and many parts and platforms are shared across the brands.

So In essence the Octavia runs on VW mechanicals and shares its engines with those in the VW Group.

Skoda have upgraded the latest Octavia to bring it bang up to date with rivals especially in areas such as connectivity.

So Has it any street cred?

The exterior design is good. Understated elegance and class. Its dynamic with a chunky shape accentuated by bold shoulder lines.

The overall effect is to create a car with a distinctive purposeful style.

The latest version gets new LED lights and a mild re style to the front and rear to bring it in line with its newer siblings such as the all new Kodiaq.

What’s it like inside?

This is where you will see the greatest changes.

The cabin is typically Skoda in that it is practical, functional and well designed.

The ergonomics of the cabin layout are excellent with all the most important dials and switches placed directly in front of the driver while secondary controls are neatly housed in the centre console.

The most obvious change here is the introduction of a new 9.2 inch colour touchscreen incorporating Sat Nav and all the cars infotainment systems.

The fit and finish is beyond reproach. A host of safety equipment including ESP and multiple airbags are included across all models.

The standard equipment list is too comprehensive to list here but interesting goodies include, auto dimming rear view mirror, In car Wifi with additional sim card slot, Auto lights and rain assist, Infotainment on-line access for 1 year, cruise control, and leather covered multi-function steering wheel.

Believe it or not there is even more but I am running out of space here.

Interior space is very good seating five adults in comfort the boot is massive and will accommodate most families holiday needs.

What is under the bonnet?

There is a choice of petrol or diesel power plants with manual or DSG (auto) gearboxes.

In diesel format both a 1.6 and 2.0 TDI engines are available. The 2.0 TDI produces 150 bhp and is the one to go for really as it has that extra bit of punch which I feel the car needs.

Overall performance is good as is the fuel economy. I returned an overall test average of 5.9 litres per 100km in mixed driving conditions. Road tax is €200.00 per year.

Will I enjoy driving it?

The latest Skoda Octavia rides and handles very well. The suspension set up is geared more towards comfort than sporty handling and for this car that is fine resulting in a good blend between a decent ride quality and taut enough handling.

Powerful brakes provide reassuring stopping power and the nicely weighted steering allows the driver to place the car exactly where you want in a corner.

General levels of refinement are good though I thought there was a bit more wind noise than in some rivals.

So what is the verdict?

The visual tweaks do make the new Octavia look more in line with its stablemates in the brand. Inside though is where most will see a difference.

Equipment levels across the four trim options, Active, Ambition, Style and Laurin & Klement are improved, the materials used in the cabin feel a bit better and the connectivity is now right up there with rivals.

With class leading space in a family car the Octavia can expect to continue to sell well.

The Octavia Style 2.0 TDI costs €29,050.