The new Ford Fiesta just got even better!


The new Ford Fiesta just got even better!

The Ford Fiesta has been with us for decades now and each evolution of the model just gets better and so it is with this new 2018 model.

Has It Got Any Street Cred?

The good news first of all is that Ford changed the car but not too much from a style point of view.

I suppose you could say they have tweaked the style so the Fiesta looks as good as ever! Its smart lines and chic style is attractive yet manages to retain the Fiesta identity.

So What’s It Like Inside?

The cabin is newly designed and boasts a very intuitive centrally mounted touchscreen.

With most new cars these days the real changes and advances are in the areas of electronics and connectivity.

Another area that manufacturers are focussing on is trying to offer buyers personalisation.

When cars are mass produced as opposed to built in limited numbers personalisation was very difficult.

However with modern production processes personalisation packages have become the norm where you can order a pre determined set of options that are grouped into different packages.

This works well for the car manufacturer and for you the buyer.

So it is with the new Fiesta!

There are four different trim models to choose from, Zetec, Titanium, Vignale and ST-Line, yet you can completely personalise each model when ordering the car with a host of optional personalisation packs.

My test car was the 1.1 litre petrol Titanium which offers plenty of standard kit including, 15 inch alloys, LED lights, Ford SYNC DAB Radio, Apple Car Play and Android Auto, quick clear front screen and leather trim to the multifunction steering wheel as well as a Thatcham alarm.

What is under the bonnet?

Small petrol engines are back in vogue and the Fiesta’s ECO boost 1.1 litre suits the car really well.

I enjoyed its perky performance and its refined and quiet while emitting a nice sound too.

With a smooth 5-speed gearbox max speed is claimed at 170kph and over my test drive it returned an average consumption of just 4.8 litres per 100km. Road tax is €190.00.

Will I enjoy driving it?

There is an all-new suspension and Electronic Torque Vectoring Control. Cornering grip improved Ford claim is improved by 10 per cent, braking distances by 8 per cent.

I found it a nice car to hustle along a country road proving surefooted and balanced at all times.

Its quiet too sitting at 120kph on the motorway it is a very refined car with little outside noise from road, engine or tyres.

So What Is The Verdict?

Overall the new Fiesta Impresses with high standards of refinement, great standard kit, a plethora of personalisation options and numerous technologies as standard that up to now we normally only see on larger more expensive cars.

Gone are the days when small cars were minimalist, poorly equipped and of questionable build quality.

The new Fiesta is an example of just how good the modern small car has become. Prices for the new Ford Fiesta start at €16,550 for the entry level Zetec 3-door. The 5 door Titanium tested costs from €18,950.00. Visit the local dealers Downey's Autostop.