VW to stick by its diesel power

Motoring VW sets out its stall

VW to stick by its diesel power

German car maker Volkswagen intends to stick with diesel engines but will also be ploughing billions of euro into electric power.

Volkswagen chief executive Matthias Mueller is convinced that diesel power will make a comeback.

"I don't only hope that diesel won't be talked to death, I am convinced that diesel is experiencing a renaissance," he said last week.

Despite its costly woes with emmissions from diesel engines, the company has big development plans.

Over the coming years VW plans to spend €90 billion on diesel, petrol and natural gas motor development. A new generation of such engines set for release next year.

VW also expects to invest more than €34 billion on research and development in electric cars to autonomous driving.

"We are investing strongly in tomorrow's mobility, but without neglecting the current technologies and vehicles that will continue to play an important role for decades," said Mr Mueller.

The diesel emissions controversy cost VW €3.2 billion last year. While it remains profitable sales have also slipped.

The company claims to have had "an excellent year" in 2017.

Managment also insists that will step up its efforts to tackle diesel pollution nd recover from the 2015 diesel emissions controversy.