Tyre safety has been brought to the fore in the past few years


Tyre safety has been brought to the fore in the past few years

“For a long time, tyre safety was an area that was neglected by both the authorities and motorists themselves here in Ireland.”

So said Tom Dennigan of German tyre manufacturer, Continental Tyres during this year's tyre safety day.

“However, our legislators have to be commended for bringing tyre safety to the fore in the past few years,” he stated.

“ Firstly, in 2016, then Transport Minister, Paschal Donohoe , introduced a raft of tyre-related penalty points. Now Irish motorists can get penalty points for driving with a tyre that is dangerously worn or damaged.

“Indeed, a motorist can now receive penalty points for a tyre that has dangerously incorrect air pressure (over or under-inflated).

“This year, the RSA and the operators of the National Car Test (NCT) have introduced a dangerous fault classification targeting any vehicle that is presented with dangerously worn or defective tyres.

“Dangerous tyres are deemed to be a defect that constitutes a direct or immediate risk to road safety to such a degree that the vehicle should not be used on the road under any circumstances.

“The tyre-related penalty points and the new dangerous fault in the NCT for dangerous tyres will help to bring home the message to motorists.

A study by the RSA has shown that in a five year period, 71 people were killed and 19 seriously injured in a collision where a vehicle had defective tyres. Tyres are a vehicle’s only contact with the road and the RSA shows what an influence they can have on roadworthiness and safety.”