New system for drive offs

IPRA: to launch new system to reduce and combat drive off crime on forecourts

New system for drive offs

Drive offs (where customers do not pay for fuel) costs the retail forecourt sector in excess of €3 million per annum and the industry is proposing a new system to combat this problem.

Scan Cam, a solution that has been developed in Australia and New Zealand is coming to Ireland and will launch at the Irish Petrol Retailers Association (IPRA#0 Expo next week in CityWest.

David Blevings, IPRA spokesperson said,

“We are seeing very positive signs of a recovering and thriving economy with a huge increase in convenience sales.

“However, there is a still a major problem with drive offs and we hope to launch this new system that will resolve the problem and also free up Garda time which could be better used elsewhere.

“The modern forecourt is now a specialist convenience store with fuel becoming a secondary or even tertiary product.

“At this year's expo we have everything under one roof for the forward thinking operator from the environmentally friendly reusable coffee cup to new food to go ideas.

“In addition, we have the major fuel brands, associated service providers and industry relevant seminars including a showcasing of the app which will remove the stress involved in refilling your car if you are a disabled driver.

Míchael Ó Muircheartaigh, the legendary Gaelic games commentator will open the event in Citywest and it runs from 10am to 5pm on Thursday, March 14 and retailers and the general public are welcome to attend,” added David