VW Group supports plan to e-mobility

VW: e-mobility as solution to achieve CO2 neutrality

VW Group supports plan to e-mobility

Volkswagen Group Ireland, which is responsible for more than 26 per cent of new passenger cars sales in Ireland through brands Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has welcomed the Government’s proposed direction of the Climate Action Plan to reduce CO2 emissions.

Volkswagen Group is expressly committed to the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, which envisions a climate-neutral society by 2050.

The Volkswagen Group is convinced that e-mobility is the best and most efficient path to a clean, climate neutral mobility.

Over the next five years, Volkswagen Group is investing around €30 billion in electric mobility.

This includes the introduction of electric vehicles, CO2 neutral production, up to providing Volkswagen Group customers with a green energy contract to ensure “actual” zero emission during the usage phase of the vehicle.

The Group is planning to launch almost 70 new electric models in the next ten years.

At this stage, year to date May, 2,700 EVs and PHEVs have been registered in Ireland, a potential of up to 4,500 by the end of the year.

With the arrival of the latest generation of electric vehicles, such as the Audi e-tron and the future Volkswagen ID.3, SEAT el-born and ŠKODA Vision iV, Volkswagen Group Ireland believes that the electric mobility market has a strong potential going forward, with a forecast of 21% of total new car registrations by 2021.

However, the growth needs to be supported by public charging infrastructure and incentives from the Government to replace older combustion engine cars, by new cleaner electric, plug-in hybrids and also latest-generation EU6 petrol and diesel engines as they will still be an important contribution to achieving the EU emissions targets of 95g/km by 2021 and beyond.

Other stakeholders besides the car industry need to play their part, including initiatives to increase the share of renewable electricity in the Irish energy mix (at this stage, only one-third of electricity comes from CO2 emission free renewables*) to ensure the full CO2 reduction potential of a high EV car parc share.

The Volkswagen Group intends to be at the forefront of the movement to electro-mobility.

At the same time, the action plan requires a bundle of initiatives, from OEMs, Government and other public stakeholders securing practicability and affordability of mobility for the Irish consumer throughout this transition phase to 100% zero emission until 2050.