Suzuki announces line up for Tokyo Show

Exhibits: will include WAKU SPO, a personal PHEV

Suzuki announces line up for Tokyo Show

Suzuki Motor Corporation has announced its exhibits for the 46th Tokyo Motor Show 2019 (organised by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association), which will be held from 24 October 24 to 4 November 4 (open to the public from 25 October) at the Tokyo Big Sight and the surrounding Odaiba area.

The theme for the Suzuki booth this year is “WAKU WAKU SWITCH for EVERYONE: Excitement for you, excitement for everyone”.

Suzuki has been making efforts to create truly valuable products of automobiles, motorcycles, motorised wheelchairs, and outboard motors that delight customers.

Suzuki is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2020 and will introduce initiatives in development of products and technologies for opening up a “big future” towards the next 100 years.

The Suzuki booth will exhibit in a way that lines up our technologies as an overall mobility brand. The exhibits will include WAKU SPO, a personal compact PHEV and HANARE, an autonomous driving mobile room.

Main Automobile Concept Exhibits

WAKU SPO: a personal compact PHEV that everyone can share fun and excitement, anywhere, anytime.

With this one car, the family can share fun and excitement across generations, for daily use as well as for pleasure.

Within a compact A segment body, a WAKU WAKU switch is installed to switch its body shape, front mask, and content shown on the dashboard.

It proposes a sharable future “small car” that can transform to meet each and everyone’s fun and excitement.

HANARE: an autonomous driving mobile room where everyone can use transportation time and comfortable space effectively

Even in the face of an automated and efficiency-centric future based on advanced robotics and AI (artificial intelligence), HANARE prioritises human values of “personal connection” and “personal preferences”.

It is an autonomous driving car that proposes new delight in owning a car.

By traveling in a comfortable interior space much like a detached cottage (“hanare” in Japanese), it proposes the fun and excitement of a car besides driving.

In a future with further diversification of lifestyles, it will meet various usages and scenes by switching to each and everyone’s excitement.