Parking stressful for 1 in 10

Research: highlights that one in ten motorists find parking stressful and 43% have a preference for parallel parking

Parking stressful for 1 in 10

Research by mobility solutions specialist, easytrip, Ireland’s only electronic parking and tolling tag provider, has revealed that one in 10 motorists find parking to be a stressful experience.

While parking availability can determine what parking style a motorist must use the research also highlighted preferences with 43 per cent of respondents selecting parallel parking over 36 per cent who chose perpendicular parking.

Most annoying parking habits

Parking scenarios can be tricky to navigate, and other drivers’ behaviour can have a huge impact on it, increasing the stress levels of motorists.

When asked what motorists found to be the most annoying parking habits of other drivers the following where revealed as the top five:

- Hogging two parking spaces (38 per cent)

- Parking in a disabled space when they had no disabled sign and weren’t a disabled driver (27 per cent)

- Parking too close to your car (15 per cent)

- Blocking you in so you can’t get out of your parking space (5 per cent)

- Blocking an entrance so you can’t get into your home or place of work (4 per cent)

Commenting on the research, CEO of easytrip Ireland, Colin Delaney said: “While advanced technology has made parking hassle free for many there will be times that parking becomes stressful.

“This could be down to parking preference spaces not being available or other drivers’ behaviour.

“We would encourage drivers to take their time when parking and seek out a parking space they are comfortable with parking in.

“It’s important to be considerate of other motorists needs and this includes parking between the white lines, not on them.

“Not parking in a space that is not dedicated for their use, whether that be a disabled, family or electric vehicle space, and not parking on double yellow lines.

“Ultimately it’s about being considerate of others and making driving and parking less stressful for everyone.”