Motorists open to switching engines


Motorists open to switching engines

Diesel is certainly not dead and remains the most popular fuel engine type among Irish motorists according to the latest Carzone Motoring Report.

Over half (58%) of Irish drivers own a diesel car and 39% own a petrol car, while only 2% of Irish motorists drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.

The research found that Irish motorists are open to switching engine type, with 70% saying they plan to buy an electric or hybrid car in the future.

It seems younger drivers (18-24-year olds) are more environmentally conscious with three quarters (77%) of this group likely to purchase an electric or hybrid car in the future, compared to those over 45 years old (63%).

The 2019 Carzone search data shows that the Nissan Leaf and Lexus IS300h were the most viewed electric and hybrid vehicles on the site last year.

When it comes to the motivation behind buying a ‘greener’ car, it’s clear that the financial incentive is most important to drivers, 57% of those who own an electric or hybrid vehicle say cheaper running costs was the main reason they bought this type of car.

One fifth (20%) claimed the environmental benefits as the main reason and 10% cited the tax incentive as their main motivation.

Electric and hybrid cars are certainly becoming more attractive to Irish motorists, with half-price half price tolls for full electric cars, up to €5000 in VRT rebates, lower motor tax and free parking in a number of locations.

While awareness about the benefits of ‘greener’ cars continues to grow, over a third of people (36%) were unaware of the Government’s goal to reach 100% of all new cars and vans being EV’s by 2030, and only 16% feel that it is achievable.